Tips for Hiring Manager

5 Tips for Hiring manager

Allow Candidate to talk more

Study’s shows that hiring managers talk too much about themselves and opportunity in hand leave little time candidate to talk. The more you allow them to speak, more you learn about candidates, which helps you understand them clearly.

Let other staff also interview 

Allowing other staff members to interview the candidate helps to the interviewee understand the organization culture and it also helps you understand how the applicant will fit in your organization.

Ask at least one question from each section below

Competency – you can determine candidate technical skills for this position by asking competencies questions. Ask technical questions, piratical exercise or situational questions, It helps you to understand decision-making skills. For example, if you interviewing programmer or developer, give them scenarios and ask to develop the logic to accomplish scenarios.

Ethics – you can understand ethical values of the interviewee by asking a question such as how do you ask help from your teammates., ask about punctuality, ask behavioral questions. This helps you to assess if the candidate would fit with your organization.

Interest – Not every candidate who giving interview are not interested in your organization. You have to filter out those are really interested in being part of your organization. Ask some common question about your organization, such as what are our products or services, ask do you know how many locations we have nationally etc. Truly interested candidate learned basics about your organization before the interview.

Check responsibility 

It’s important for hiring a manger to make sure candidate is very responsible and will be dedicated towards the job. Ask a question like how can they manage day-to-day responsibilities? How they priorities there task? When do they fail to deliver work on time? If you interviewing manager, ask does he/she follow management strategy? These questions help you to understand candidate seriousness towards work.

Now, you  is your turn to answers

Finally, Whatever happens during the interview, show positive behavior. Even if you would decide that candidate is not fit within the few seconds of the interview, make sure that you treating a candidate like want on the board. Ask, do you have any questions for me? Ask, do you like to learn more about our organization. Talk about the challenges you facing in a position that you are interviewing for. This increases the chances of words going out how good is your organization.


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